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Cristina M.

I heard about Stroller Strides through a friend. She was joining and I said that I'd join too. She was able to go to her first class before I was. I remember her telling me how sore she was. To be honest she was naturally skinny and I thought she was sore because she didn't really workout. A few days later I found out when I went to my first class. I hadn't been prepared for the full body workout to come and I was sore the next day too. I'm no stranger to exercise. I did karate for a number of years and I run. But Stroller Strides has helped me get the fittest I have been my whole life.

Alison and the teachers are wonderful. They keep you motivated and always have great workouts planned. I hate gyms and working out at home never goes smoothly without getting distracted (especially with a child). Stroller Strides is great. Even though I'm working out I feel more like I'm spending time with friends. When I started going my daughter was with me for every class. Now she's in school, missing most of the classes and she gets so excited to go to an evening or Saturday class.

Fredericksburg Stroller Strides has been so wonderful for me; something I can do for me that doesn't take me away from my child. I have met great ladies that I'm happy to call my friends and my daughter has made friends too. My confidence and health have improved. They are also incredibly supportive in everything from doing races to supporting me getting a job. Stroller Strides is one of the best things in my life.